Our School Room

We are extremely blessed and thankful to have our own space to do school. Come on in to our school room!


Our school room is my favorite room in our home!


This is my desk where I keep my teachers manuals and plans that we are currently using.  When Little Lady begins keyboarding it will most likely become our computer desk. The workboxes next to my desk keep my supplies neat and organized.


This is Little Lady’s table where she does most of her work. She loves this little table even though she is outgrowing it! It did come with four chairs, but the other two are currently in use at a tea party in her bedroom.


This set of workboxes contains Little Lady’s school work and books. Each box is labeled with a subject and I will fill the box each day with the work for that subject. We also keep our workbooks in here, so I will tab the pages she needs to do that day.

ArtTable (2)

This is our art table. I purchased this larger table with adjustable legs for us to grow into. Little Lady does some of her school work here when I need to sit next to her or we need more table space. This is also our arts and crafts area where she can be creative when we are not working on school stuff.


This set of workboxes contains art supplies and paper for creative free play.


Above our art table is our art display. I love hanging artwork and seasonal decorations here to decorate our room!


This is our calendar, seasons and weather bulletin board. Little Lady is responsible for updating it first thing each school day.


 This side of our school room has our white board, our fish tank and storage shelves for books, curriculum and manipulatives. The alphabet letters hanging across the top of the wall have been so useful. I got them and the letter cards on our letter tree from the Confessions of a Homeschooler website.


One last thing I want to show you is our filing cabinet that I use to store curriculum, lessons, etc. This thing was an eyesore until I realized that it can double as a bulletin board and learning area. I just pop a magnet on the back of posters or whatever we want to hang up! We use our magnetic letters on one side for spelling practice and the other side has our letter tree and more. We even decorate the front of the drawers seasonally.


Having an entire room dedicated to education is definitely not a necessity to homeschool, but carving out space in our homes for materials and creating an environment conducive to learning is essential. I love to see how others organize their school space so I wanted to share our room too!