Our Schedule

As homeschoolers we are blessed with the freedom to choose how we fill our days. Ours run more smoothly when we all know what to expect.

Every day, including non-school days, you can bet on a few things happening in our home on a fairly predictable schedule. Breakfast, lunch, quiet time and dinner build the walls of our day. The exact times of these events may vary slightly from day to day, but they are going to happen in an expected sequence regardless. Having young children means meals and snack time can’t wait and quiet time is a must for mommy! The rest of our schedule fits within those walls to fill the remaining space and varies depending on if it is a school day, weekend or special day. These spaces are where my planning comes in.

We typically do school in the morning after breakfast for two to three hours until lunch time with a goal to begin around 9:00 am. When I say ‘school’ I am referring to time spent focused on planned activities and curriculum work. We rarely need more time after lunch to finish our ‘work’ since Little Lady is only in K4, but as homeschoolers the learning never really stops throughout the day. We do school four days a week on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. We take off Wednesdays for a mid-week break and to accommodate Little Man’s needs, run errands and regroup. We never do school on the weekends!

Our Schedule


As homeschoolers we do not have to follow a strict schedule; in fact some homeschoolers don’t follow a schedule at all. I like to have a plan, but I do not constantly watch the clock to make sure we are sticking to it. Our daily schedule helps with time management and to ensure we are productive each day. Everyone seems to be more calm and cooperative in our family when events are predictable, so for now this works for us.

Although we do our best to stick to our schedule, things come up and plans get thwarted. That’s just life and as homeschoolers we just roll with it and get back on track tomorrow.