Homeschooling is our choice for educating our children. Every homeschooling family is unique, so we want to offer you a peek into the rhythm of our days.

We are in our second year of homeschooling, and near the very beginning of what we hope will be a long, exciting expedition of home education. Homeschooling my children was a dream that I have always had. I love to teach others and something about the family closeness that homeschooling offers has always appealed to me. There is so much that I love about the process, especially the planning and organizing that goes into it. I am constantly fine tuning how we do school and I’m sure this will be an ongoing process through the years.

My Little Lady is four years old and is halfway through her K4 school year. My general goal for this school year is to set a foundation for the years to come. I am also using this time to evaluate Little Lady’s learning styles and strengths and weaknesses to better tailor her learning environment. I use a combination of my own ideas and creations in conjunction with other curriculum. Last year we homeschooled her Preschool year and it went exceptionally well and was fun for both of us.

My Little Man, at age two, has been welcomed into our school room a little at a time this year for what we call ‘toddler’ school. It is really just a few minutes of impromptu focused play with mommy in the school room while Little Lady finishes an independent assignment. For now, this is all the school he needs as most of his day is spent learning through play.

As our homeschool evolves I want to share our experiences with others as others have done for me. There is so much to learn from each other as we navigate our way through the years.

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