Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family! Today I am sharing a few thoughts on this season of gratitude, including a few things that I am especially thankful for this year (and I’m sharing a free printable)!

Thanksgiving season brings a reminder of all we have to be thankful for. I love this time of year for many reasons, but especially for this reminder. The perpetual demands of everyday life can leave us neglecting our gratitude for the blessings we enjoy regularly. The daily grind can even leave us feeling resentful of the very things that are intended to bring us joy in the mundane. It is because of these possibilities that I am grateful for a season to reset my thinking and redirect my perspective.

This Thanksgiving I am especially thankful for an imperfect home. There are dirty dishes in my sink, toys littering my living room, mountains of both clean and dirty laundry, a pile of mail on my desk and fingerprints on my windows. It is for these perfect little messes in my imperfect home that I am so thankful for. An outsider may look in and see mess, but I choose to see life. Those dishes are the results of a meal enjoyed together as a family, those toys–results of hours of play, and that laundry the evidence of people both large and small occupying this space. The pile of mail is a reminder that I have something more important to tend to than paper and those fingerprints bear the identity of two little people who belong to me. I am thankful for the imperfect life that happens in my perfectly messy home. After years of waiting, wishing and wondering when I would hear tiny footsteps on these once clean floors, I choose to be nothing but thankful for the evidence they have brought with them, even if it looks a little like a disaster. I am thankful for my imperfect home because it wears the marks of life. It might be an imperfect life, but it’s my life. A life I am thankful for.

This Thanksgiving I am also especially thankful for the newness that arrives with each individual day. I am grateful that every new morning is a chance for a revision. Our days are interwoven with successes and failures, flaws and victories, deficiencies and opportunities for improvement. Some days are walked out well, leaving us encouraged; other days result in us feeling defective, and most days are somewhere in the middle. Regardless of the outcome of the prior day, each new day is a chance to try again–a new beginning. Forgetting yesterday and pressing forward into the day in front of me is a blessing. It leaves me feeling grateful that although I am imperfect, I’m still progressing towards improvement. I am thankful for repeats–for in those opportunities I can revise and redo. I am thankful for the present–because today is a gift!

This Thanksgiving I am most thankful for a God that is good. I am thankful for a Father in heaven that only has good in store for me. I am thankful that I can lean into Him and know that with my imperfect home and my imperfect days that this imperfect human being is loved. That no matter how messy my life looks, that what I do is not nearly as important as who He is. And He is good. His love is good. And He loves me well. I am thankful that a good and perfect God can love an imperfect woman like me.

Thank you, Lord! You are good and your love for us is forever!


Download the ‘Give Thanks’ Free Printable here!

I hope that you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving as you reflect on all of the blessings that you have to be thankful for!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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