Our Foster to Adoption Journey

May is National Foster Care Month!

In honor of National Foster Care Month, I am going to be sharing ‘Our Foster to Adoption Journey’ during the month of May.


If you missed ‘Our Infertility Story’…read it here to see the journey we took before pursuing foster care!’

 I hope that as you read ‘Our Foster to Adoption Journey’ you will see that our circumstances are not coincidental, but for a purpose and that God can work all things in our lives for good. I hope that you will see a God who keeps His promises.

HandinHandOur Foster to Adoption Journey-Part 1

God was changing our hearts and opening them up for children who needed us. After all of the years of struggling with infertility, enduring a miscarriage, the failed infertility treatments, waiting to adopt and disappointment after disappointment we found ourselves applying to become…Read More…

FirstMeetingOur Foster to Adoption Journey-Part 2

We received the call for our first foster care placement, and finally a baby would occupy the nursery that we had been preparing for almost five years…Read More…

Our Foster to Adoption Journey-Part 3 Sister's Drawing

We finally adopted our precious Little Lady after being her foster parents, but our journey in the foster care system was just beginning…Read More…

FirstDayHomeOur Foster to Adoption Journey-Part 4

Our lives had been turned upside down after welcoming five children into our home from the foster care system, and then having to say good-bye to them all. We were holding our breath as we waited to see if…Read More…