Adoption means ‘making something our own’.


Adoption is the legal transfer of parental rights and accepting the parenting responsibility of a child not biologically born to you. Adoption has been an amazing blessing in my life in more than one way. In the most obvious way, both my daughter and son joined our family through adoption from foster care. In the most miraculous way, I joined God’s family through his gift of adoption through Jesus Christ. Adoption is especially close to my heart and a theme in my life.

When I gained parental rights to my children through adoption and took over the responsibility of parenting them, my children became my own. They are not my ‘adopted’ children; they are my children. They received the rights of a child born to me. I received the responsibility to care for them and lead them. Through adoption we all benefitted from the family that was formed by the blending of strangers. We belong together.

Adoption is one of God’s many mercies.

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