Family Mission Statement

I.  For our family to know and love Jesus, seek God’s will for our lives, and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit

II.  To love others as Jesus loves us, through his power and not on our own, forgiving others as He forgives us

III.  To foster closeness as a family, respecting the importance of our unique roles and treating each other with love and compassion

IV.  To develop character that is in line with God’s word and to produce fruits of the Spirit

V.  To have a love for learning and a curious mind

VI.  To have a love for reading, enjoying literature and spending regular time in quality material

VII.  For our children to meet learning objectives at a satisfactory level

VIII.  To pursue extracurricular interests that promote growth for the individual and are positive for the entire family

IX.  For our children to develop life skills that promote functioning in society as prepared and responsible adults

X.  For our family to place God first, going to Him for all our needs and victories and for our children to feel confident coming to us next for problem solving direction



Our long term goals help guide our daily decisions.